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One of my most valued attributes in life is legacy. I have a personal goal to change the legacy of my family. I want to raise my children to have a Godly world view, an appreciation of others, and an awareness of the blessing we have as Americans. My oldest is 9 years old and my youngest is 5. 2010 is going to be an amazing year for them to know about as they mature.

I am insuring my children are more aware of God than I was at their age. I want them to know what I have had to work hard to experience God as a youth and an adult. I know they will need to experience their own life and have their own learning. They will test and experiment with what they learn. They will have failures and successes. I hope and pray that what I share with them about what I have learned will give them a more solid foundation to stand on when those failures come. Ultimately I want them to know that life is a journey, perfection is not required, and God is real.

My children will hopefully learn from me that relationships are king. When Christ was asked what is the most important commandment He answered with two answers, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:36-40) Why offer this second answer if it is not a vital perspective to have in life. I want them to be an encouragement and strength for the people in their lives. My children will need to see that loving others and showing compassion are very powerful tools to help friends survive the hard times and to celebrate the fun times.

As Americans my children have more opportunity, freedom, and liberty than anyone else in the world of their generation. I want that preserved and I want my children to know these rights are afforded not by government nor are they to allow government to limit these rights. This great country is the reason they have the freedom to change the direction of their life as they feel God may be leading them. They need to know that many have given of their money, time, and abilities, further, many have died willingly to preserve the purpose of the United States of America. My children will need to find their place in history to continue the fight for freedom.

This year, 2010, and likely the coming decade will be amazing. We will live a life that history will record as astonishing. We all need to be aware, active, and archive. Pay attention to what’s happening around you this year, be informed and get involved to make a difference. Along the way journal what you learn and what you experience. Then share these stories with your children and grand children so they are aware of the legacy they are inheriting. Don’t lose hope no matter what comes our way, we will make it together. Live a life your God and children will be proud of.

Blessings and Happy 2010!!!


PS. Thanks for reading and following my blog.


LSP said...

What a great post & vision for your children!

God bless.


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