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This post is credited to a friend who emailed these words. Thanks BK.

"I, as most of you know, tend to distrust our current administration even more so than the previous but a statement made today has me in total disbelief. I was listening to NPR on the way home, see Sun Tzu, and heard a statement from President Obama declaring the event in Haiti a "cruel and incomprehensible" tragedy." (
NPR Story) Who can possibly know the mind of God and declare that which is cruel? Is the earthquake a tragedy? Yes. Are the images of people carrying deceased loved ones from the rubble disturbing and saddening? Absolutely. Is it cruel? One cannot possible make the statement the tragedy is cruel unless one is willing to make a statement against God and his infinite wisdom. We have neither the insight nor the right to make accusations the event is cruel. I can therefore only surmise that either President Obama is somehow more enlightened than God or he is will to take a stand of judgment against God and declare that which is righteous or unjust. Please, if I have misunderstood, correct me otherwise I can only continue to believe things that are becoming self evident."


Anonymous said...

Poor choice of words on Obama's part at best. At worst, he'll make additional statements that verify his arrogance.

I am somewhat jaded, but I believe this guy is a faithless lib'ral with a very socialist worldview. Such a worldview is usually inconsistent with any faith or acknowledgment of God. Many people see things like this earthquake as an "act of God". I offer him no defense, but perhaps Obama does not.


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