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"The recession is having a glaring impact on America's solar power industry. Demand for solar products has dropped globally, prices have plummeted. Complicating efforts to expand, the industry in the United States faces intense competition from foreign governments making massive investments in what many see as the future of energy."

"Facing the difficult economic reality of competing on the world stage, Massachusetts based Evergreen Solar, Inc is turning to China. Lauded as a leader among green energy businesses in the state, the company is taking advantage of the subsidies, cheap labor and production costs offered in Asia."

"You have low labor costs and low overhead costs in China but, you also get enormous help from the government and so it's difficult to compete in the United States if you have to contend with higher labor costs and lower government assistance," said Rick Feldt, the CEO of Evergreen Solar." (
Foxnews Blog Post)



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