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What is killing American confidence and innovation? Bill Whittle takes a look at the Leftist attitudes that threaten the ideals of optimism and progress in the latest Afterburner.


Anonymous said...

The socialists have made a career of coasting on the prosperity of those of us who have sweat blood to create our exceptional nation. When they've bled it for all they can get, they'll move on .... but not without blaming us for a failed nation THEY have sucked the life out of. It's almost laughable to believe we allowed this to happen, except that we'd be laughing at ourselves.

We can't get them out of our great nation, as they'd be the first to start crying "freedom" and "melting pot" and all their other rhetoric, but we sure as heck can get them out of our government!

Heck, europeans looked around themselves and said, "ya know what? There's not gonna be a nuke war, and even if their is, the Soviets can never win it. World domination by communists is a pipe-dream!" When enough of them figured this out, the Soviets faild. Crumbled. Guess where the next cash cow on the list is? Here.

Guess they forgot we're Americans. No, they won't break our will, EVER!


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