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Rush: Obama displays ignorance of basic economics.


Right-Wing Libertarian said...

This time Rush is simply restating the obvious. Obama is simply ill-equipped to understand the mechanics of a national economy. History should have told this "scholar" (obama) that no government in history has ever grown an economy. Economies thrive because private industry finds a way to fulfill a need. They only do this when they can reasonably compete with *other* industrious people to manufacture and sell things that fill a need. When a government steps in, particularly a greedy one such as we have with Obama and his socialists at the wheel, industries find themselves either taxed or regulated to the degree that it is no longer possible for them to compete with other manufacturers. The result is a frozen economic engine where talented people can not sell their skill set because businessmen cannot afford to pay for such skills as well as pay the government, too.

Sorry, Rush. We've known this for a long time. I think that what bugs Rush is that NONE of this stuff is rocket science. Ya can tax a guy of course, but at least allow him to be able to make a fair profit and stay competitive!


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