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"Just under $7,900 is the cost per family that we put on the two health care bills the House votes on today. That’s the cost of government taxing and spending, and it doesn’t include the spending the government would require of all of us in the “individual mandate.”

"These figures are based on 10-year estimates produced by the Congressional Budget Office.The health care overhaul will run much longer than that, of course."

"And it’s important to realize that these estimates don’t include the cost to families and citizens of the “individual mandate”—a requirement that everybody buy insurance for themselves."

"Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute points out that as much as 60% of the costs of the health care overhaul could be in private-sector mandates, as it was in the Clinton health plan. If this is the case, the real 10-year cost of the health care overhaul could be something more like $20,000 per family, or $6,250 per person." (Washington Watch Post)



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