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A collection of some things I observe along the way.


"President Obama announced a renewed focus on jobs in his State of the Union address. His budget stated “it is critical that we take steps to jump-start job creation”. He’s right, of course. He is also explicitly admitted the failure of last year’s $862 billion “jump-start” stimulus program. On March 4, the House passed yet another admission of failure as it moved a $17.6 billion mini jobs bill built around an ineffective hiring tax credit and highway spending. Why another bill? Because even politicians cannot duck the data forever, such as today’s jobs report released by the Labor Department which means the Obama jobs deficit stands at 8.3 million workers."

"The federal government can stimulate the economy in the short term not by increased spending and borrowing but rather by improving incentives and the general economic environment. Businesses invest not when they are manipulated by Washington, but when they are confident enough to take risks in pursuit of opportunity." (Heritage Foundation Post)



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