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"How great a chance do we have to overthrow ObamaCare in the courts? To answer that question, we need to look into that bleak pit of falsehood and mendacity that America's left would like us to ignore at all costs: the historical record."

"We need to look at the original effort to nationalize the American economy, the one attempted by Obama's model, Franklin D. Roosevelt, by means of the New Deal. FDR was never quite clear about what he wanted to do. He was clear about the goal, but not about how to get there. Not unlike Obama, he left that problem to various retainers -- in this case, the members of the Brain Trust. "

"Courts change, and the Roberts court of today is not the Hughes court of 1936. But the Roberts court stands as the most centrist of any Supreme Court bench since that of Charles Evans Hughes himself. The days of the Warrens (Earl Warren/Warren Burger, and tell me history has no sense of humor after taking that in), in which the court acquiesced to or supported the interventionist tendencies of the other branches, are over. The focus of power, both intellectual and judicial, lies with the court's center-right members. The intellectual powerhouses sit on that side. The court's liberals are mediocre, ineffectual, or tired. They exhibit little in the way of crusading fervor, merely a fading inclination to defend past gains. Much as they might wish to take part in pushing forward Obama's agenda, such a role remains well beyond their grasp. We can be confident that the question of the constitutionality of ObamaCare will receive a full and rational hearing from this court. While we must still keep our powder dry and our teapots boiling, there is reason to hope for a legal remedy." (American Thinker)



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