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And you want the government to run healthcare?!?!?! Oh...and so much for government jobs too.

"The U.S. Postal Service stepped up its campaign to end Saturday deliveries to help stem losses, but the move met with skepticism that signals an uphill battle for approval by regulators and Congress."

"Postal officials sought support for a broad restructuring from a gathering in Washington on Tuesday that included big postal clients, congressional aides and postal workers' labor representatives. Without the restructuring, the agency potentially faces $238 billion in projected losses in the next 10 years, Postmaster General John E. Potter warned as he released assessments of the agency's operations from three consulting firms."

"The recession has worsened the Postal Service's financial condition, and mail volume continued to fall as more letters and documents are sent electronically. It saw a 13% drop in volume in the year ended Sept. 30, more than double any previous decline, and lost $3.8 billion. In the three months ended Dec. 31, 2009—a period that is typically the strongest of the year because of holiday shipping—the Postal Service recorded a 9% drop in volume from a year earlier and a loss of $297 million." (
Wall Street Journal Article)



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