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It's been a year since Congress passed a stimulus bill that will eventually dole out $787 billion in taxpayer money to lucky recipients across the country.

In California, stimulus money has been used to pay the salaries of cops, provide rental assistance to residents of Santa Monica, and subsidize homeowners who weatherize their homes. Were those good investments?


LL said...

To be fair, I personally feel that the failed stimulus is doing better than ObamaCare will.

With the stimulus, it's only a one-time $800,000,000 pork laden waste of money we borrowed from the Chinese and will have to pay back with interest.

ObamaCare will be a $2,000,000,000.00 boondoggle that even the most cynical predict will cost double that in the first decade.

I qualify for care at the Veteran's Administration for combat related injuries so I'm familiar with the level of care I'll be receiving from my regular doctor in the future. The Democratic voters who are rejoicing in barack hussein obama's new plan have a shock in store for them.


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