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"According to an indicator known as the "Hindenburg Omen," criteria are lining up to make a crash more plausible. The scenario has some market watchers wondering if they'll soon hear shouts from Wall Street."

"The Dow Jones Industrial Average has dropped 2.5% since the indicator was triggered the first of three times on Aug. 12. The market action has turned Mr. Miekka, a blind former high-school physics teacher, into a reluctant celebrity."

"Mr. Miekka devised the indicator using a formula that parses data including 52-week stock levels and moving averages of the New York Stock Exchange. Other criteria include a rising 10-week NYSE moving average and a negative technical indicator that measures market fluctuations. All these gauges must occur simultaneously on the same day to trigger the Hindenburg Omen."

Wall Street Journal Article
KSAX, FOX Phoenix Story



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